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The Straight Road to Success

We provide our capital clients with operational expertise, speed of financial execution, and a programmatic public market portfolio exit strategy based on aligning our capital clients’ interests with ours. In short, our capital model includes the ability of our “one off” licensee clients to benefit from the experience, products, processes, and intellectual property developed by Full Moon and the benefit of the financial attractiveness of a large highly desirable licensee footprint; this provides each licensee in the Full Moon’s portfolio access to the public markets. We anticipate a “private to public” liquidity event exit strategy through an IPO, and RTO, or as an attractive acquisition target by an existing public company for our capital clients.

New York City From Above, Scott Stulberg PhotographyWe provide a real premium exit strategy for our single license capital clients with the option of an IPO, RTO or other public liquidity events.

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