Michael Kupferman | Full Moon Investments, LLC

Michael Kupferman

Mike Kupferman is Full Moon Investment’s, LLC’s Chief Cultivation Officer. Mike designed the infrastructure, and developed and implemented the startup of operations for most of Holistic Industries Inc.’s 300,000+ square feet of cultivation facilities.

Mike brings over a decade of experience in CBD Hemp and medical cannabis cultivation to Full Moon Investments. Over the last decade, Mike has designed, managed, and optimized 30+ cultivation operations in the commercial cannabis industry.

Mike is primarily responsible for designing cultivation facilities and processes for maximum high quality production at the lowest cost. Mike is responsible for sourcing and selection of cannabis growing equipment and systems, along with development of operational procedures and ongoing training and monitoring for all aspects of cultivation.

Mike began his cannabis cultivation career in Portland, Oregon, where he launched some of the first commercial CBD Hemp and medical cannabis cultivation facilities in the state. From there moved on to found the Humboldt Farmers Collective to help owners in Humboldt County, California to improve operations and maximize output, while paying close attention to environmental impact. Mike led Holistic Industries, Inc.’s cultivation operations for three years prior to joining the Full Moon Investments team.

Mike is experienced in cultivation design, setup, and ongoing operations of warehouse, greenhouse, and outdoor growing operations.

In 2014 Michael was awarded “best new strain” by the Palo Verde Growers Association. He holds several certifications including the Biointensive farmers’ certificate and the Micronutrient Utilization certificate issued by the international nonprofit advocacy organization, Ecology in Action, and a certification in nutrient management from the Maryland Department of Agriculture. He has completed coursework in Renewable Energy Engineering and Automation.

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