Josh Genderson | Full Moon Investments, LLC

Josh Genderson

Josh serves as a Managing Member of Full Moon Investments, LLC. and the Holistic Industries team will be responsible for the technical and operational assessment of cannabis companies for Full Moon. Generally, Holistic Industries, Inc. will manage, provide cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensing expertise, and provide proprietary processes and training to companies which are the subject of various series’ investments. It is anticipated that in certain series investments, Josh will lead or will have led the application process to obtain new medical and recreational marijuana licenses to cultivate, process, and dispense in state jurisdictions which have introduced new legal marijuana programs. Josh serves on the investment committee of Full Moon.


Josh Genderson also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Holistic Industries. Josh has become one of the luminaries in the medical marijuana industry, having grown Holistic into a national medical and consumer goods company and retail dispensary chain. He directly oversees our operations in Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and California. Josh’s facilities in Washington, D.C. breed the high-CBD strains that parents have come to rely upon to treat their children’s seizure disorders. Josh launched Holistic based on the expertise he gained serving as President of Schneider’s of Capitol Hill, the Gendersons' third-generation, family-owned liquor store that is a staple of Washington, D.C., He has worked alongside his father, Richard Genderson, and played an instrumental role in the company’s growth. Similarly, Josh is a civic leader and generous contributor to charitable causes. He belongs to the Young Presidents Organization, and he serves as a Board Member of Hearts Delight, a subsidiary of the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association. He earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland.

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