Guy Kelley | Full Moon Investments, LLC

Guy Kelley

Guy Kelley serves as a Managing Member of Full Moon Investments, LLC. Mr. Kelley is responsible for negotiating with target companies pursuant to the debt and equity deal structures as determined by the investment committee and raising capital for Full Moon’s investments. Guy is on the investment committee for Full Moon.


Mr. Kelley is the founder and owner of Guy Kelley Irrigation, Inc. a niche contractor of irrigation and lighting systems in Atlanta, GA. Guy brings years of experience in private company operations, management, and sales. Guy has a wealth of experience as a direct investor in private companies and real estate for over 25 years including several medical cannabis companies, this experience gives Guy a unique ability to identify which investment situations and structures will work for investors.

Mr. Kelley holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in management and marketing from the University of Georgia.

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